Amritvani & Swarved Kathamrit(01-Mar-2015)

Sadguru Acharya Shri Swantantradeo Ji Maharaj

The divine master, Sadugu Acharya Shri Swantantradeo Ji Maharaj is the present Sadguru since 1969, when He was only 22. Very calm, kind an soothing, yet possessing a magnificent personality, He leasds and inspires millions world wide as the Messenger of true spirituality.

As His name says, He blesses the disciples with liberation from miseries and ignorance and finally grants Moksha- the ultimate liberation to the deserving.




Program Venue :-
Rajkiya Primary Vidyalaya Sector-3, Faridabad, Hariyana

Contact :-
9911520257, 9873176075, 8882690221
Vihangam Yoga