501 Kundiya Vishwa Shanti Vedic Mahayajna (05-May-2015 to 06-May-2015)

Vedic culture is the earliest culture of this world. It is based on the fundamentals of Vedas. Yajna (a ritual also known as Hawan or Homa, which usually involves offerings to the holy fire) is the heart of Vedic Dharma (Vedic code of conduct). The tradition of Yajna has been in existence since time immemorial in Aryavartta (the land of Aryans, an ancient name of India), the country now called India. Many types of Yajna have always been in practice.

Program Venue :-
Gahora road,Ishagarh, Ashokanagar, M.P.

Contact :-
9926410822, 9926214684, 9165582835
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