Amritvani & Swarved-Kathamrit(18-Dec-2014)

Amritvani- By Sadguru Swatantradeo Ji Maharaj

Endowed with twenty kalas (divine spiritual powers), the spiritual master Acharya Sri Swatantradeo Ji Maharaj is the present Sadguru in physical form. The spiritual power of none other than The Eternal Sadguru himself flows constantly into his soul. With extraordinary abilities and Second Parampara Sadguru Authority, He is spreading the knowledge of Brahma Vidya all over the world so as to fulfill the pledge taken by Swami Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj for the salvation of minimum 1 lakh of eligible souls.


Swarved-Kathamrit (About Sant Pravar)

The title "Sant Pravar" literally means the foremost saint. In true spiritual context, a saint is the one whose consciousness is always connected to the Divine. Sant Pravar possesses a charismatic personality, yet extreme simplicity.


Program Venue :-
Sadafaldeo Ashram, Rohidawadi, Sirsa, Hariyana

Contact :-
Vihangam Yoga