Vihangam Yoga Conference (15-Nov-2014)

Vihangam Yoga is an ancient meditation technique practiced by Indian seers and sages. In the current time, it is established by Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj. Vihangam Yoga is also known as BrahmavidyaMadhu-vidyaPara Vidhya in the Indian ancient most scriptures and Vedas. "Vihangam" literally means "bird". Just as a bird leaves its base on the earth to fly high in the sky, so does Vihangam Yogaenable the human Soul  to cut off its moorings in the Prakriti (phenomenal world) and realize its true and free nature.


This knowledge is emerged from Brahma so it is also named as Brahma Vidya and who ever has gained this knowledge by practising it called Brahma Rishi. Through the Vihangam Yoga meditation, one easily raises his soul's energy to open "Kundalini shakti" (the hidden Potential in all of us) under the able guidance of a true Sadguru and attains Soul's conscious state, from where it actually starts the prayer to "Supreme Soul". This is a situation where the soul is in its own state i.e. it is not attached with Mann (Mind) and Prana – the true form.

About Sant Pravar-

                           An accomplished Yogi who has taken the pledge of, and is already spreading the divine message of Swarved throughout the world for the welfare of mankind.His exceptional capability of passing clear concepts over the most complicated spiritual secrets has been mesmerizing and transforming the lives of millions of seekers all over the globe.

                         A supreme saint, Sant Pravar holds an amazingly soothing yet magnificent personality and has been working relentlessly towards the pious mission of spreading the message of Swarved.

Program Venue :-
Nairobi - Kenya

Contact :-
+254789399685(Nairobi) +917307720066(India)