In America -Spiritual Discourse and Meditation (06-Oct-2014)

Doctors for the reduction of mental stress and 
Spiritual Masters for spiritual growth
teach one common thing:
“Control Your Wavering MIND”
INCORRECT technique of controlling THE MIND:-
o Control thoughts
o Regulate Prana (Breath)
o Let-Go thoughts
Mind is neither a wave of thoughts nor Prana, it is one of the nineteen 
elements of Subtle Body and one of the four inner organs. You can SEE it, 
For controlling mind, you need to control THE MIND not anything else.
Vihangam Yoga teaches EVERYTHING about MIND and more in five stages:
1st Stage: DIRECTLY control THE MIND. It is amazing to see the mind in Agantuk 
Chetan form.
2nd Stage: Purify THE MIND in inner tri-junction of Ingla, Pingla and Sushmana in 
the sound and light of Aum and evolve DO’s and DONT’s naturally from within.
3rd Stage: Kundalini Awakening, Opening the secret “Dasham Dwaar (Tenth Door)”
4th Stage: Atma Sakshatkaar (Self Realization); Realization of Akshar Brahma and 
Eternal Sadguru
5th Stage: Realization of and Union with all-pervading universal consciousness of 
Almighty Lord. 
His Holiness Sadguru Swatantradeo Ji Maharaj
Vihangam Yoga Meditation
Brahma Vidya in the PUREST form
Meditation as taught in Vedas, 
5 STAGES of wondrous meditation
Experience the TRUE control over Mind
Para Vidya – The Science of Consciousness Estd 1924 
Program Venue :-
Shri Mandir 9474 Black Mountain Rd, San Diego, CA 92126

Contact :-
Lalmani Prasad (+17602167534) Vijay Kumar (+16147870693)